Zurich musicians – Maximilien

Following his dad’s footsteps, Max started playing the piano at age seven. Three years later, he switched to acoustic guitar, a first love he completely left aside when his father gave him an electric guitar for his 18th birthday. His favorite bands by then? Offspring, Sum 41 and Green Day. Rock to the core.
A few years ago, however, he picked up his acoustic guitar again and now uses both to interpret his own eclectic compositions ranging from blues to bossa nova. When asked which one he prefers, he just can’t tell – but immediately adds that he grabs the electric to have fun, and the acoustic to convey a message. I guess that today, he just wanted to have fun :-) Meet Max and his Storm guitar, the very one he got when he was 18.


Black and white portrait of a male guitarist with a Storm electric guitar, photographed in studio