Movement, art, beauty & sparks of fantasy

Artists & Dancers

Are you ready to show your art to the world? Then you’ll need some pictures for your CD cover, your media kit or your applications to grants and competitions. If music flows through your veins, if your body moves from the points of your hair to the tip of your toes, we’ll get along just fine!


As the daughter of two national league handball players, I grew up in stadiums, but decided I felt more at ease in water. While others were going out, I spent my whole youth in swimming pools and besides that, I’ve also done gymnastics, ballet, judo and taekwendo, as well as various other sports just for fun. In short, I feel at ease with athletes and I understand what it means to train for hours to achieve the perfect movement, how important your body is to you and how much you want to see all that reflected in your portrait. Whatever your sport is, indoors or outside on the field, let’s make photos that you will be proud to hang on the wall!

Special projects & bodypainting

What happens when a photographer and a make-up artist unite their vision and their creativity? An explosion of colors, paint, feathers, fruits and flowers.

Feminine beauty

From boudoir to vintage, intense black & white to sparkling colors, every woman has her own special way to shine.