Ondes de lumière

Ondes de lumière invites you to an escape in a little paradise. A day by the water, bathed in spring sun and listening to the water lapping. Open your heart, breathe, and dive into a world of poetry, movement and harmony.
Coming up!

Art & Yoga @ Lululemon Zurich Store, May 29th 2018
6 – 7 pm: flow yoga class with Michaela Diamanti
7 – 8 pm: vernissage

Previous exhibition:
January – May 2018, Design Hotel Plattenhof, Zurich, Switzerland


Comme une fleur

This series of double portraits plays with the core resemblance between flowers and women. Living beings, both have their own caracter and change depending on how you observe and treat them. They can blossom or hide, but always have this profound force and beauty in their own way. Fragile or proud, quiet or beaming, tender or stinging… So is every flower – and every woman.
Comme une fleur_Einzelportrait Stella by Aurelie Menard Photography_webCurrent exhibition:

Physiotherapie Montagna
May 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

Previous exhibitions:
March 2018, Fink & Star Spring show, FleuropShop Uster, Switzerland
April 2017, Photobastei Zurich, Switzerland