Beautiful K.

During her corporate career at Airbus, K. wore a suit almost everyday, but the hardest time finding one that didn’t look like strict banking wear. So when she moved to Zurich, she decided to launch a project that will for sure delight many business women: a collection of feminine suits with less conventional cuts and fabrics. What a great idea! Her company, TheBlueSuit, is named after her favorite outfit – a blue jeans suit.
When we met at the ImpactHub in Zurich a few months ago, I fell in love with her project and was really happy she chose to work with me to rebrand her image from a corporate executive to a social fashion entrepreneur. We did different series of portraits to use on her website, flyers, social media etc., but the portrait of her I absolutely love is a more personal one, where her beautiful smile and personality just jump out the photo. I am sure she will find the success she deserves and can’t wait to see her suit collection come to life!