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Aurélie Ménard - Portrait Fotograf Zurich

Hi! Welcome to a world of stories. Yours, mine and the one we’ll create together. Because life is all about stories, and I’ve always been curious about what’s behind the curtains. Reading, travelling, learning languages, I like to discover cultures and new perspectives first hand. My photography embodies all that. Together, we will extract your story (or create one) and translate it into beautiful images that are unique to you and our interaction. Just contact me here with your project and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Kind words

«It was a great pleasure and totally exciting to work with Aurélie on that full bodypainting photoshooting. We had so much fun! Aurélie is a lovely and easy-going photographer.
She cares about all the people involved in the project. She is well prepared and very professional.
In a blink of an eye she took so many breathtaking shots. I can strongly recommend Aurélie.
Wonderful photos and an amazing experience are guaranteed!»
Ngoc Binh Lam


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